DISEMEX First Project Meeting

The kickoff meeting marking the start of the multinational project “Disability Employment Expert” co-funded by Erasmus+ Adult Education Program was held in Dusseldorf by INTAMT on September 27 -28. The project partners from eight EU countries (Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, UK) and Turkey are going to analyze the innovative employment practices of people with different disabilities in their respected countries. The best cases will be selected and closely studied by the consortia participants in order to define the possible paths and solutions of full professional inclusion of the affected persons to the regular labor market, based on capabilities and self-determination of each individual. The results that will be actively promoted on the local, regional and national level and should serve as a positive example, encouraging the economic, political and social actors to re-think some of the existing standard policies and practices of employment with a goal to successfully provide higher diversity and better quality employment possibilities on equal basis as stated by the Article 27 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).
In the course of the meetings, the partners introduced the appropriate activities in the past, discussed and agreed upon the main goals and objectives to be reached within the project activities as well as expected results. The most crucial management issues were set and confirmed.

The parties are determined to produce challenging outcomes and look forward to the successful collaboration.

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